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Al-Monitor |

Online news site on the Middle East


I edit articles on topics related to the Arab world, mostly written by non-native English speakers. I also post articles on the Al-Monitor website.

Journal of Palestine Studies

Institute for Palestine Studies


The Journal of Palestine Studies is a journal devoted exclusively to Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict. I proofread for grammar, spelling, and typographic accuracy and uniformity.

Middle East Report

Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP)


Middle East Report is a journal on the political economy of the contemporary Middle East, the role of the United States and other outside powers, and popular struggles in the region. I proofread for grammar, spelling, and typographic accuracy and uniformity.

Tughra Books / Blue Dome Press


I copyedit English translations (from Turkish) on topics ranging from children’s stories to religious content.

New York University & Columbia University


I proofread MA theses and PhD dissertations.

International Refugee Rights Initiative


I proofread in‒house research papers, advocacy documents, and newsletter article submissions. I also managed the design, development, and content of three organizational websites.

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam


I produced English‒language catalogue of 493 documentaries for the festival's industry market. In addition, I edited and proofread film descriptions and liaised with international film directors on edits.

Historical Atlases of the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia

Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.


I consulted on matters pertaining to the Middle East and Asia for this K‒12 curriculum book series. I copyedited and proofread manuscripts on Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, and Azerbaijan. The series is used in schools in the United States and Canada.

Various clients

Morgan Stanley, Merrill Corporation, HSBC, Bowne Intl., Noble Desktop, American Nurses Association


I proofread and copyedited financial, legal, political, medical, and educational content in American and British English.

Refugee Rights News

International Refugee Rights Initiative


I researched African refugee‒related topics and wrote the following articles:

The Outreach Challenge of the Lubanga Trial: Another First for the International Criminal Court | read

What About Us? The Situation of Displaced Persons in the Great Lakes Region | read

Athletes and Activists Strive for Medals and Send a Message of Peace for Darfur | read

Calling for an End to the Violence against Women through Film | read

Children's Fate Focus of Fifth Global Day for Darfur | read

Prestigious Sakharov Prize 2007 Awarded to Salih Mahmoud
Osman | read

FilmAid International


I researched topics critical to the assisted repatriation of Sudanese refugees from Kenya and identified film content on reintegration, reconciliation, and conflict resolution.

United Nations, Special Mission for Afghanistan


I researched and compiled data on human rights codes in Afghan tribal and cultural tradition for U.N. training and reference manual.

Brook Green UK/JAC Travel


I wrote travel itineraries for corporate and leisure groups visiting England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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